Talented wedding photographers combine science and art to capture your day flawlessly, as you prepare your image List for your big day we have rounded up five shots you should take on your big Day.

1. Details, details and more details

There are loads of gorgeous details to capture while the couples are preparing themselves for the big event. Jewelry, rings, hair pieces and most importantly the bridal dress! We know you have spent countless hours and days pouring over matrimonial websites and magazines, visiting multiple boutiques, following bridal trends until you eventually find your perfect bridal dress! So why not let your photographer take a stunning shot of your bridal dress swaying in the wind? As professional wedding and lifestyle photographer, I love hunting for that quirky place where we can hang our bride’s gorgeous wedding outfit and make it the star of the image!

2. Getting Ready

We adore capturing the process when the bride and groom are putting their final touches together before they head out to start the ceremony. This is the best time to capture fleeting emotions, their excitement, nervousness, and not to forget the beautiful pre-wedding glow. It’s also a fantastic time to capture intimate moments with family and friends.

3. The bride and her father walking down the aisle

Plan this moment ahead of time, know where you will be standing and put the bride and her father in the best light. Walking down the aisle is usually typically about the bride, but it is also a tradition and a very emotional and proud moment for her father. Timeless special moments such as the look on a father’s face when he sees his daughter for the first time as a bride is priceless!

4. Detailed shots of the bride and her bridesmaid’s bouquets

The bride and her bridesmaids are holding beautiful flower arrangements that were specifically chosen for this occasion, ensure to get a close-up shot of the bouquets and use the dresses as a blurred backdrop to create a beautiful standout shot.

5. Grandparents or elderly family members

A wedding brings together a family of all ages from all around the world. A couple who is fortunate enough to have their grandparents or elderly family members attend their wedding , will forever cherish the moments and be reminded of the joy and celebration in years to come. Thanks so much for reading this article, I hope we were able to help you with wedding photography tips we mentioned above. Do let us know what you thought? If you think we may have missed something out, comment below.

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