Bali has gained a lot of popularity over time due to its excellent, beautiful and eye-catching features. It is a diverse island and has a lot to offer to both its locals and visitors. It is common to see features such as coral reefs, white sandy beaches, forested volcanic mountains, cliffs and the iconic rice paddles.

There are also a lot of activities that one can engage in while in Bali. For instance, it is common to see the locals and even the visitors of all ages surfing. Other activities include swimming, sunbathing and numerous water sports.

Due to the exemplary features and sceneries, Bali becomes the wedding destination for most couples all around the globe. Here couples are sure that they can get and have their dream wedding.

 They can also enjoy and experience the Asian and Indonesian culture with a bit of the western touch. Bali has a lot of wedding venues, and it is also cheap for couples to have their wedding in Bali, compared to having it in the Caribbean, Europe or Australia. 

It is the dream of every couple to have a memorable wedding. That is why it is essential for couples to hire the services of trustworthy and reliable wedding planners. A trustable and dependable weeding planer should have great and positive online feedbacks.

Also, they can be recommended by other couples who have enjoyed their services. Seven agency is one of the most trusted wedding planners in Bali. First, they are experienced since they have been planning weddings for a decade.

They are also registered and member of the Bali wedding association, not to forget that they have a lot of genuine online reviews and that it has western members. Seven agency offer several wedding packages and ceremonies to couples. Here are some of the ceremonies.

Escape tropical wedding

This wedding package is suitable for couples who want to experience a secluded yet beautiful wedding. The wedding will take place at the Melaya villa which is a romantic and secluded venue located east coast of Bali Island.

The villa is suitable and can accommodate up to 18 people. Accommodation should not be a concern because your guest and relatives can stay on the three villas within the region. Couples have the option to choose between beach wedding and garden wedding, but regardless of the venue, the couple will still get to enjoy a well-decorated wedding and a beautiful view of java’s volcanoes, the calm ocean and the lush greenery.

Since the location of this wedding is secluded from Bali civilisation, couples can enjoy the peaceful and serene atmosphere. They can also indulge in some fun activities such as swimming and snorkelling. Couples can also decide to visit the neighbouring java island or the Menjangan national park.

Waterfall wedding

This is a unique, amazing and beautiful wedding location in Bali. The wedding will take place in the heart of the Balinese jungle, at the bottom of a beautiful waterfall. This wedding package brings couples close to nature. They enjoy the rippling sound of the waterfall, and they also enjoy the chirping and humming of the birds. Most importantly the couples will have a memorable wedding while enjoying nature and fresh air. This package will allow the couple to enjoy a perfect wedding venue, decoration and other wedding services such as photography, make up and music.