Food and celebrations are two things that light up my soul! Whether it’s a birthday party, homecoming, graduation party, a wedding, anything that ends with a party! 

Weddings being a very special moment for couples, they’d usually go for perfection. Perfect wedding dress, perfect diamond wedding ring, perfect venue, and a perfect wedding menu… the list of perfection is endless. However, the latter is the trickiest of them all. 

Unless you are having 10 guests at your wedding, which is highly unlikely, finding the best wedding menu can be a hard task and that is what brings you here today. Finding a good menu for your wedding.

In this article, I shall share some of my tips that will help you and your spouse find a good wedding menu that everyone at your wedding will like. Let’s begin.

Choose what you and your spouse like.

The first step in finding a good wedding menu begins with your preferences. This is by including some of your best meals and not just yours but your spouse’s as well.

It is your wedding and definitely, you’d like your favorite meal to be on the weddings’ menu to make it even more memorable. 

It is important to know that it is okay if your wedding does not accommodate everyone’s dietary requirements, save yourself from the stress not unless you have an infinite budget! 

What your guests prefer.

A wedding menu is a combination of a variety of meals and not just what you’d want. The second most important people at the wedding after the couple, are the guests. 

Finding their opinions on what sort of food to include in the menu will go a long way to determine what will be the final wedding menu. 

To do this, talk to some of your friends and find out what they like. In case any of them or most of them have allergic reactions to some things, note them down. 

It’s even better to invite a few of your closest friends to the food-tasting event. There they’ll give their opinion about the food and if it’s something they’d like for it to be added to your weddings’ menu. 

The reaction you get from them will give you an idea of what to include and what not to include. 

Research on some common wedding menus

As much as you’d like to make everyone feel happy with the food course, it is practically impossible to accommodate everyone’s preferred meal. You can imagine if 60% of your guests have different types of ‘favorite dish.’

It is therefore recommended to get a menu that can work for a majority of the guests. In that regard, you can do a little research on some common wedding menus.

It is easily available and you can find tasty online recipes for free using some of these social networks like YouTube, Instagram, or better still, you can install a food recipe app. 

Seek some advice from professional wedding catering services.

If making a list or doing research on your own is overwhelming, you may decide to go your way and hire professional help. This will save you the overwhelming task of finding the ideal menu.

The best part of this is, is that you’ll be working with experts who have experience in this field and are more likely to suggest a better menu that can cover everyone’s needs. 

You can visit a review site to read reviews on some of the best catering services companies out there because not all companies offer the best services and one that you’d prefer.

Ensure that if you’re working with a catering service, you give them what you’d like to be on the menu from your preferred option and the inquiry you got from your friends or guests. 

Takeaway Tip: 

That having been said, I’d like to leave you with a tip that can spice up the whole menu. 

Jewelry are sentimental pieces that add a touch to your bridal party. Whether you’re planning to spark it in your outfits or use it to decor your wedding dining area.

Dinings that are decorated with beautiful shiny jewelry sends an appeal to anyone planning to dig into the menu. You’re more likely to be anxious about the meal if it’s set at a well-decorated table. 

To get you covered in this area, you may consider looking at Jewelry stores such as Kinn for your bridal jewelry or any other store you’d prefer. 

After all, it’s not just the meal that matters, it’s the presentation that does too.