Gone are the times when brides used to enter the wedding venues all shy with their eyes down and feeling nervous. Now, the time has changed drastically and brides are entering into their weddings in their unique styles. Most of these entries are fun and are a much awaited moment at Indian weddings.

Therefore, to match the current trend of quirky entries, brides are on the constant lookout for creative ways to have that impact. There are some entries that have surely left behind the so-called baraats. Here are some amazing bridal entries that have caught our eyes. 

With your special men

It will be your most special day and you will be living happily after with the best man of your life. But, before him, your father, as well as the brother, were your main men! They were the ones who were there to love, support and protect you. So it will surely be a good idea to enter into a new life with them. Further, your husband becomes part of your gang of main men!

Just like a princess

You will surely be looking like a princess on your wedding day with all that fancy attire, jewellery and what not. So an entry like a princess will surely turn your wedding into a fairy tale. You can entry sitting on a royal palanquin all decked with flowers and installations. This not only looks royal but adds a whimsical touch to the whole wedding affair.

If you are in Capital of India, Then there are many banquet halls in Delhi NCRthat have customized palanquins to match the theme of the wedding. One of them is Ritz Banquet

With your bridesmaids 

We all know, that our girlfriends are our soul mates. Your girls will stick by you through thick and thin and no matter what happens you know you got their back. So you can totally make a cool entry dancing with your girlies.

On a cool ride

If you are cool and daring enough, then we will suggest you enter your venue on some cool ride. It can be a bike or a vintage car. You will surely catch some eyeballs and make it the most memorable moment of your wedding.

If you have some other cool ideas that you want to share, then you can tell us in the comments below.