We can hope to see a lot of jewelries that will bring out the bad girl image in the wearers while giving members of both the sexes some common styles to share. The punk jewelry trend of 2020 will also bring with it a lot of styles from late 70s. So, be prepared to see a lot of interesting styles in this genre

. Boho style If you like Boho jewelries, then you can look forward to 2020, for there is going to be a wave of Boho styles in jewelries. What’s more, these jewelries are going to be a mix of boho and chic styles. We can expect a shift from the traditional aesthetics in boho and chic sections. This trend will roll together the best of both the styles into a spectacular amalgamation. Feathers, medallions, fringes, earthy shades, etc. are going to go big with this. Read more:https://www.weddingmag.us .

Asymmetrical Earrings Asymmetrical earrings have already started to show up, but next year they are going to hit big. Although we all have seen some asymmetrical looks in runways before this, but it’s going to trend officially in 2020. These earrings will embody a bit of feminine vibes along with the edge it takes to stand a design out.

There are also going to be some statement making pieces in this collection that you would find hard to resist. Overall, this section is going to keep you charmed through the whole of next year.

Tassels If we saw tassels fading in the last few years, 2020 is going to change that. You will see them everywhere, in chic styles and vibrant colors. Perfect for summer and spring, the tassel jewelries will also involve use of loose diamonds and gems. Expect to see a lot of colored gems too in these jewelries.

Turquoise, emerald, opal, amethysts, this style will usher in colored gems in regular jewelries. But don’t worry, this trend is not just going to be a thing for people interested in colored stones, there is going to be something for everyone.

Dripping Designs We all have seen cascading designs in necklaces and earrings in the past but in 2020, we will see the dripping style. Inspired by the cascading style, these ones will feature refreshing designs. Abundant use of diamonds is one of the biggest highlights of this design. So if this trend takes off, you will get to see a lot of chandelier earrings at parties and events. In luxe jewelries, these statement making pieces are what you want to acquire for the prestigious events where you want to look your very best.