I always love the idea of presenting home-made gift items to friends and family. It is because we have full control over it and the love and emotion behind a home-made present is beyond anything else. One of the best and easiest things that you can make at home for any occasion, be it Diwali or birthday of a loved one.

Since Diwali is a few days away, a lot of people would be brainstorming about buying gifts for their loved ones. If you want to give something which has your touch and shows your emotions, I suggest a hand-made card. When you are creating a card, it shows the amount of care you have for the person who is receiving it. Thus, make sure you create a card which shows your emotions, is appealing, and doesn’t take you hours to make. Therefore, in this blog, we are exploring few common pitfalls or mistakes that you need to avoid. That will ensure that your Diwali greeting card comes out perfectly and is appealing.

Let’s check these mistakes out

Mistake 1: Not having a proper space or protecting it

Whether you are making a Diwali card online or using blank sheets to make one. Make sure you have the right space and protect it too. For instance, creating an online card using a phone is possible, but you would have better visibility with a laptop, so keep that in mind.

Similarly, when using paint or colours for your card, make sure you place a mat below it. That will ensure that the desk does not get ruined and the sheet is safe as well.

Mistake 2: Use masking tape while painting or using ink on your card

If your card requires you to use painting colours or any ink, make sure you have a masking tape on your fingers. Not wearing one will make your hands dirty, but there is also a fear that you may ruin the sheet or the workspace.

Mistake 3: Not using the right tool to create an online card

If you are making an online Diwali greeting card, make sure you use the right tool. There are end numbers of tools, but only a few like Canva has the best templates when it comes to creating Diwali cards. It has numerous professional layouts, some have diyas, others have bursting crackers, and more.

You can also personalize it by adding a photo of your family wishing everyone a happy Diwali and more. Creating an online Diwali card can save hours that you may otherwise spend on creating a card using sheet and colours. It is also a better option than buying Diwali cards off the rack and sending it to your loved ones.

Mistake 4: Not deciding on a design beforehand

Before you start making a card, make sure you have a design in mind. It stands true even for creating an online card for Diwali. Having an image in mind makes sure that you do not spend tons of time figuring out a template or looking for inspiration to create the card.

You start working immediately. It saves time, and also you have all the supplies beforehand, which makes the process easier.

Mistake 5: Not organizing the supplies

To make a card, you need a sheet, colours, pens, pencils, and more. A lot of supplies goes into creating the perfect card. But if they are unorganized, then the place would be messy, and you would not be able to create the card the way you want it.

That is why make sure you have the supplies stashed away neatly. It also ensures that you are aware of all the things that you have and you do not have.

Mistake 6: Not writing the right message

When making a card, it is absolutely necessary to put a message on it. The note should be something original. Of course, you can use a generic quote, but do not write the whole message after copying it from the internet.

Try to convey the message that you want to say. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it does need to be true.

With these pitfalls, you will be able to make the perfect card every time!