physical therapy to start a movement if their muscles that stopped working due to some reason. The procedure or procurement used to relax the muscles and body part is called physical therapy. Before starting physical therapy, it is important that therapist should know about the history of patient and important tests are suggested for confirmation of disease

. The therapist did the complete study of patients’ case on the basis of X-ray, MRI, and CT-scan to find disease or to find the reason of why patient need therapy.  After analyzing accurately, they suggest what type of therapy is required to the patient. The paramedical staff that is involved in the therapy are called therapis6t and they use different sort of exercises and machines to manage the issue patient facing.

There are different types of therapies and it may be manual or machines based. The therapist suggests different exercises that patient need to practice at home and therapist decided to do it with the because accuracy and perfectionist are essential for this. It happens that some patients find it difficult but therapist makes it smooth and easy and they motivate patients with deferent strategies for starting therapy. Other than exercises it may be done through different types of waves such as heat, sound, and electric waves.

Different devices are used to produce these waves that relax the patient’s muscle and take give them satisfaction. The patients those are taking physical therapy is very important for them that they need to do any work that is functional so they can continue to move their body.   Physical therapy is not only used for the back pain but it is a good treatment for the sportsman for their injuries.

The therapist gave relief to the patients that are suffering from health problems like arthritis. The chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is a long-term issue for the patient and it is cured by the therapist that doctor suggests. The therapy helps patient for curing of the pain and swelling.

This is a safe and highly effective treatment for the back pain. Other than is the coordination of muscles, joint pain, strengthening, and flexibility is increased by this treatment. The physical therapies make patient able to move without pain and it set life routine that patient has to follow for living a healthy life because therapist remedies and treatment change the human life and give it fitness back.

This treatment helps the patient for mobility of muscles. Due to many reasons like high stress or tension and form, any other reason like running muscles of patients is stretched and stops functioning. The therapy helps patients by stretching exercise for the movement of their muscles.

The therapy makes mobility of muscles smooth and fast and it cures pain with the help of different small exercises and different device. The sound, heat and elector waves create vibration and that helps to relieve the body by warming up.