types of funeral flowers include the following:

  • Roses
  • Gladiolus
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Carnation
  • Daisies
  • Aster
  • Delphinium

For traditional funerals, you can never go wrong with roses and carnations. Some florists can also mix and match two or more types of funeral flowers for a more modern appeal.

Colours of funeral flowers It is just as important to come up with the right colours for a funeral flower arrangement. After all, colours reflect and can influence people’s moods. Funeral flowers in all the right shades can help uplift people in grief and lighten the mood. Of course, the choice of colours for funerals flowers would depend on one’s aesthetic preferences.  You can choose from dark shades like purple carnations and deep red roses to orange daisies and bright yellow Chrysanthemums.

If you are confused about which colours to get, then you can never go wrong with muted shades such as lavender and pink.

Funeral flower arrangements Arrangements in funeral flowers can either be formal or informal in nature. Formal flower arrangements refer to traditional options like funeral wreaths and crosses which are both typical for Catholic memorial services. Informal options for funeral flower arrangements include bouquets, baskets and casket sprays. Florists can also set up funeral flowers in vases secured on top of pedestals.

Getting professional help in funeral flower arrangements As you may have already realised, the significance of funeral flower arrangements are not something people would want to overlook. Fortunately, some florists specialise on the latter and can help you come up with funeral flower arrangements that highlight the legacy and final wishes of the deceased.

People can also choose from a variety of floral designs and colours that can be personalised and tailored to the needs of bereaved family members. After all, flowers have and will always be, a straightforward way of paying our respects to the deceased. Of course, flower arrangements can be made for joyous occasions as well, such as weddings and new baby flowers in Sydney.

Nevertheless, it helps to have a reputable florist that you can turn to for help, which means that you can focus on becoming a part of the occasion.