fruit peeler in kitchen makes peeling so much easy and fun, instead of laboring you can enjoy the peeling. There are number of peelers available in different sizes, shapes and types. Which one is best for you?

First, you must know the types available in the market. The two common types are Serrated or straight peelers. The selection between these two depends upon your needs like which vegetable you peeling most often. To make your life more easy and fun in selection between serrated and straight peelers, I made a list

JOYBOS Peelers with Container

This peeler is wise choice if you don’t like the mess of peeling. The container with this peeler will store all the wastage from the fruit or vegetable. Isn’t it amazing? Sharpe blade and an easy grip of this peeler make it most desirable kitchen peelers with container available in the market. You can peel all kinds of fruits and vegetables with this peeler.

Swivel peeler

The next in my list is Swivel Peeler; it is narrow, sharp with long blade that swivels. This peeler is good for both left and right handed people. You can replace the blade in swivel peelers but not all the brands offer this feature. Before purchasing make sure to check the quality of this peeler

Y peeler

The Y shaped peeler is more common peeler available these days. Its dual blade makes it easy to use for left and right handed people. This peeler is a little bit difficult to control for newbie. With a little practice you can use it like a pro. Normally Y shape peelers have long and wider handle that gives easy and comfortable peeling.

Serrated peeler

For tomato and peach lovers serrated peelers are idea. These peelers available in both shapes swivel and Y. The long handle make sure peeling will be smooth on slipper and glossy vegetables and fruits.

Lancashire peeler

For those who doesn’t like Swivel peeler, the Lancashire peeler is best choice. It’s a kind of straight peeler and its blade is fixed. The fixed blade feature makes it possible to even peelings and its works best on hard vegetables such as potatoes’ and carrots. The best thing about this potato peeler is that you can use it to peel cheddar cheese or shaving chocolate etc.

Speed peeler

The stainless steel blade of this peeler make it fast and quick in peeling. If you have to do lots of peeling in less time, then choose speed peeler. You can use it to peel fruits and vege’s or you can use it on other items for shaving like cheese and chocolate.

Electric peeler

An electric peeler is a women best friend in the kitchen. Its working is simple, you have to place the fruit or vege vertically on the peeler and it will do the rest. The electric peeler can be used for all kind of vegetables and fruits. It is easy, quick, clean and efficient way of peeling.

So there you have it, different types of peelers. I hope this list can help you to choose the best peeler for you.