best lens for sports photography you will need to visit Camerakool and get the best choices now. It’s good if the camera has autofocus with a tracking function. As experience shows, it is very difficult to record the fast movement of objects on a conventional digital compact camera. After pressing the shutter button, the camera thinks a little more, and the shutter fires with a slight delay.

It’s a shame that the photographer saw the moment and pressed it in time, but the situation has changed, and instead of the frame one funny laugh.

The best Quality Only high-quality SLR cameras are able to respond quickly enough to instantly changing and dynamic moments in sports. In addition, professional SLR cameras have such an option as dynamic autofocus (not to be confused with tracking autofocus), which allows you to constantly keep a moving subject in sharpness, regardless of where it is, in the center or at the edge of the frame, even if it sometimes overlaps other objects.

But nevertheless, despite the fact that now the technology is improving very quickly, not all autofocus can be counted on.

  • A tripod or, even better, a monopod (a separate leg under the camera or lens, light and mobile) is also very useful for sports shooting. For quick movement with all its equipment it is convenient to wear a photo jacket with lens pockets, as well as a small folding chair, sitting on which you can spend long hours watching the athletes and catching a moment of good luck.

Sports can be shot not only during big competitions, often even local local competitions give a chance to make a good dynamic shot.

Shutter speed and sensitivity Windsurfer shot with shutter speed 1/800 sec. focus 300 mm (plus crop factor 1.4), aperture 7.1 sensitivity 125. Alas, even a 300 mm lens in this case will be small, but next to me was a colleague with 500 mm and complained that he also didn’t lack of focus. A sports photographer always has something to lengthen.

The Right Rules As a rule, sport is a movement, therefore, speaking of sports shooting, we actually mean photographing any fast-moving objects. We do not take games such as chess into account in other competitions everywhere there is active movement. Therefore, in order to shoot sports well, you need to set the shutter speed correctly.

Different speeds correspond to different shutter speeds. If the photographer intended to get a clear and sharp picture, then the shutter speed should be as short as possible, and the faster the movement, the shorter the shutter speed. For walking or unhurried running, 1/125 or 1/250 sec is enough; hockey, football at least no longer than 1/250 or 1/500 sec; boxing, wrestling, surfing 1/250 or 1/500, motorsport, motorsport from 1/1000 sec. and shorter.