If someone from your girl comrade is soon to seal the deal (is tying the knot, you know) and if you are to take up the most auspicious and momentous managerial job in the world (that of a bridesmaid) then this blog is for you. The period of 2 weeks prior to “the day” is the most crucial, any loss of time during that period will be regretted for years to come.

The bride is most likely to dump a hell lot of stuff on you, everything high on the priority list, everything a matter of life and death. You won’t get time to yourself at all. So chances are you’ll end up looking like shit on all the events especially the rehearsal dinner or worse, maybe even in the main ceremony.

Being a bridesmaid is hard, but there are some ways to ensure that you look stunning even despite of being totally caught in the whirlwind of events that are sure to keep you on your toes. If you don’t strategically plan your looks, you might end up looking like a hellcat instead of the feline grace that you were hoping for.

The key is to plan your outfits beforehand. We know that the outfits to be worn for the big day are coordinated by the bride herself but don’t forget that the reign of accessories are still in your hand. For the wedding ceremony and the reception your accessories will be the only part of your outfit that’ll help you to play a different ballgame.

For the rehearsal dinner your outfit choice needs to be par excellence, rain or shine. A bride’s gang doesn’t and shouldn’t play by the rules, you are supposed to be the life of the party, never forget that.

So I have picked some statement accessories and outfits for all the lovely bridesmaids out there. You don’t have to divulge any more time or thought to it. These pieces are going make sure that you leave an imprint on numerous hearts. Take a look.

1.       Something Blue

Your Pinterest fantasies just came to life with this limited edition powder blue cut out dress by Kerry Parker. This cut out dress, which comes with an attached choker, a single glove and an embellished heart is all you need to set the temperature soaring.

A perfect choice for the rehearsal dinner or even for the reception if you plan to change into something exotic after the ceremony. The best part about this cut out dress is that it comes with all the accessories you need. You won’t have to spend on anything after you invest in this one piece.

2.       Something fancy

Bridesmaids are supposed to be fun. There are enough aunts and grandpas and cousin Henrys to suck the life out of a party. The chief responsibility that a bridesmaid is tasked with is to keep the party alive, don’t let it get lost to gossip and bad DJing. You can’t keep the party alive if you look like a basic hat. Add a dash of eccentricity to your outfit with these gorgeous embellished fishnets. Irrespective of what you wear, you can easily slip into one of these and being a hint of sexy to your outfit.

3.       Something Vintage

Weddings are the perfect excuse to don vintage accessories. However much we love all thing vintage, we keep wondering when to slip them with our daily wear. One such Victorian accessory, that I absolutely adore are sheer gloves. I truly believe that sheer gloves are underestimated, they have great potential to uplift outfits and yet no one is smart enough to correctly style them. Gloves are the epitome of sophistication. Not just sheer gloves, you can try out Victorian asymmetrical gloves, embellished sheers or have some ruffled fun.

4.       Something Aesthetic

Have you been introduced to the latest socks and heels trend yet? Are you in love already? Cause the fashion industry sure is. Designers are falling hard for embellished ankles. Tulle Socks are an upscale accessory, perfect to leave a sublime impression. Your plain sailing heels will need a date too. You can also give fishnet socks a shot, they have almost the same vibe but are high on the hot quotient.

If you love these picks, hurry and try them soon. You can thank me later!
This wedding season, don’t keep it basic.