As long as the beauty care regimen for your wedding day is concerned, it shouldn’t begin on the day before your D-Day. You would definitely want to look like your best version on the day of your wedding. There is no doubt about the fact that your makeup artists can do wonders before you walk down the wedding aisle but what about getting skin ready for the wedding photoshoot? If you don’t take good care of your skin from at least 3 months prior to your wedding, your skin won’t glow as it should and the wedding photos could be messed up. One of the best parts of spending your special day is spending the entire morning in getting glamorous along with your bridesmaids and having the photographer to capture each and every memorable moment. Which detoxing mask should you apply on your skin to make it ready for wedding photoshoot? Read on to know about the steps that you can take to prepare your skin and your body for your wedding day. #1: Manicures should be done frequently The moment you get engaged, people around you will ask you to show your engagement ring. Hence, you have to keep your hands and nails pretty and primed with regular manicure sessions. You can also get a chance to experiment with colors and you should talk about this to the manicurist. Allow the nail beds speak about the shape of your nails. When you can match the two, this gives your nails and hands a balanced and proper look. #2: Investing in pro facials is a must It is true that facials can be priced exorbitantly but when you make an upfront investment in getting professionally treated, this will also include the professional facials. Such services offer a certain level of exfoliation and deep cleansing which isn’t possible at home. Apart from this, you should also get a regular check up done with your skin expert. Before your wedding, there will be times when you’re stressed and if the stress hormones wreak havoc to your skin, you should also bring about necessary tweaks to your home treatments so that you can achieve your complexion goals. #3: Eat healthier foods In case you can bear it, you should totally ditch sugar and any food that’s sugary. Not only that, you should also cut off sodium and all sorts of processed foods from your diet. These will lead to bloating and belly fat. You should instead focus on green veggies, lots and lots of water and fruits. These can fuel your metabolism, enhance your energy and also clear up your skin. While you might have parties where a glass of champagne is a must, keep in mind that too much of alcohol can make your skin dry and puffy. You’ll tend to crave more for unhealthy snacks. #4: Be serious about your home-care routine Apart from doing professional facials and other treatments, you must be also maintaining your skin at home too. If you often go out for professional facials and neglect your skin throughout the rest of the time, you shouldn’t expect any great results. You have to always maintain your skin if you wish to achieve that healthy glow on your wedding day. Watch out for serums, cleansers, toners, scrubbers and moisturizers and be smart enough to stick to a routine everyday. Therefore, when your wedding day is almost arriving and you want to look perfect on that day in all your photos, you should pep up your daily skin care routine from at least 6 months before your wedding month.]]>