custom engagement ring? The following tips will help to get you started:

Plan Ahead

In order to get it right, you should begin by taking note of the type of jewellery your significant other enjoys wearing. Your custom engagement ring should have personal or cultural significance. If you decide on designing a customised engagement ring, you should begin planning early. Customised engagement rings have been known to take weeks, sometimes months to complete. Brace yourself financially. Custom engagement rings can cost more than off-the-rack rings. Custom engagement rings sometimes cost up to four times the price of a regular engagement ring of comparable quality.

Know Her Style

The aim of creating a custom engagement ring is to ensure that the ring you propose to your significant other with is the one that her heart desires. There are a few factors you should consider before commissioning a custom engagement ring: her style, the story behind the ring and her preferences. At this stage in your relationship, you should know what your significant other likes and doesn’t like. Her preferences should guide your decision making in this particular situation. Take your time to study your partner, so you can better deduce what would fit perfectly on her.

Choose a Jeweller

When choosing your jeweller, ensure that you choose a professional who embodies what you want out of your ring. Go for highly recommended jewellers; you want to embark on this custom engagement ring journey with a jeweller who is highly reputable. There are a few things you should consider before settling on a jeweller. Inquire if your potential jeweller has worked on rings similar to the what you have in mind. Ask to see pictures of previously designed rings. There are numerous highly reputable Australian jewellers who are more than willing to assist you in creating a piece of your personal history.

Select a Stone

Selecting a stone is usually the trickiest part of custom designing engagement rings. There are diamonds of different shapes, sizes, cuts, and colours from which to choose. This variety might seem scary at first, but the right jeweller should be able to guide you through the process by getting rid of irrelevant stones and only considering the ones that are perfect for you. Ensure that the stone you end up settling on is the one closest to your heart while choosing your stone. Choose with your heart, forget the price tag or clarity grade, and focus on what’s important: her.

Know Your Settings

There are more ring settings than they are stone cuts. With more than a dozen settings to choose from, there’s something for everybody. Before settling on a setting, consider the personality of the person who will be wearing the engagement ring. The last thing you want is to commission a ring that is a complete contrast of your significant other’s style. A few of the most notable engagement ring settings include cathedral, halo, prong, Tiffany, tension style, ballad, channel, pavé bezel, flush, suspension and ready fo ryou bar settings. IMage via Pixabay CC0 License]]>