Choose Something Off Your Wedding Bucket List Are you dreaming of a dude ranch in Wyoming or a mesmerizing underwater bungalow in the Maldives? You can set your wedding event there. If it is overwater or underwater or in Manchester City, or a fortress in Spain, the environment would fit your personality. One of our adventure-loving friends said that she wed in a superb rainforest in Australia, where many uncommon animals were their marriage witnesses, and that was marvelous.That was really awesome! Isn’t it? Oh, yes, we have missed the mountains, the African Savannah – they are also becoming the very choice for many. If You Can Cut Your Guest List in Half  It is seen that the average number of guests at a traditional wedding is not more than 150. At a destination wedding, it is merely 70. Outsourcing your wedding event to Maui, Mexico or Miami can cut your guest list in half. We have seen some of our couple friends planned their marriage celebration in Puerto Rico. They said, their marriage events were outstanding. Even, they never thought that their acquaintances and colleagues would love the same way they loved. If you dwell in the city, you must invite your friends whom you know without any obligation. We hope you could skip the 30-minute ceremony and the standard-issue fish-or-chicken dinner?  Getting out of the city not only gives you the opportunity to try something fresh but also gives you a chance to enjoy something different that most people want to have. Today’s modern brides are embracing the fact that they can customize as they want, and the “destination wedding” takes that into account.” From Maya shaman to Native American wedding vases, virtually every destination has its uniqueness and has a local custom that will infuse a bit of cultural flavor into your wedding day. Enjoy Two Honeymoons A wedding away does not need to replace your honeymoon. As a matter of fact, many couples head to a different place for their MOON. If you stay there for a few days more, you can enjoy other things as well, that could be your MINI MOON, you can save a lot because you have already spent for traveling there. You can also plan another short trip for extra enjoyment, which would be better if you do that after a few days, or a year later, so that you can have a new adventure in a new place together. Destination weddings are usually intimate. It means less obligatory invites and more loved ones. Family as well as friends who make the cut “something know that the list was limited, and they love the feeling essential to the couple.” There Is No Home-Field Advantage Event experts believe destination wedding is a great geographical equalizer. Destinations weddings take place in a neutral place. And since the place is largely new to all, your wedding day will be every bit as exciting for you as it is for your guests. You will see it as an opportunity to integrate all of your guests and make sure that they have truly a great time. Leave All Your Stress At Home Yes, it is your wedding day but it is also your vacation, you should leave all your stress away to onsite experts. An on-site expert is a person who manages a team of event personnel or pre-travel planners to look after the entire wedding plan, from start to end. In general, traditional couples used to speak to a florist, a photographer, an entertainer and all, but event planners make it a one-stop-shop. Instead of stressing about marriage licenses, decoration, and others, you can focus on more essential things, like your guests. The Earth Is Your Oyster That truly said destination weddings have something exotic. If you dwell in San Diego, then you should think about Sonoma instead of choosing Santorini Island. You will have a wedding-away feel sans having to venture far-flung from your home. You can consider locales just a 2 to 2 and a half-hour drive away and great guest accommodation. You can save on your travel costs, which means you can indulge more in other wedding things like wedding dj in London. Last, but certainly not least, destination weddings are more joyful and affordable compared to hometown counterparts. It is roughly estimated that average couples save more than $2,250 when they choose to travel for their wedding day. Why? You would not need much décor and you can even save more by booking during the low season.]]>