Elope in Venice is relatively straightforward

Also the most romantic or bold elopement though requires advanced planning, and if you want to include a civil or religious wedding ceremony also a basic understanding of the law. However, thousands of people from all over the world chose a romantic elope in Venice each year, and with good reason. Here few tips to make your elopement to Venice at hand.

Italy is a country where celebrations are taken seriously! so it’s just natural to think to celebrate your love there.

Italian weddings in general are famous to be colorful, lively and fun affairs, and Venice can surely add a romantic hue to this picture. From the great food to the magic atmosphere of a unique city on the water, Venice is the perfect spot for your elopement to Italy.

Venice holds a special place in the heart of many couples, whether they’ve been there or just dreamed of; No matter if you are familiar with Venice, this article will help you with what you need leading up to your romantic elopement. 

Your elopement in Venice: What type of ceremony?

In Venice , like all over Italy, you can have a religious and civil wedding. You are also free to have an involving secular symbolic ceremonies, although it will not be legally binding.

The majority of churches in Venice are Catholic, since Italy is a predominantly Catholic country and all the churches in Venice are extremely decorated and embellished with valuable paintings and works of art. However in Venice you can have religious weddings from all faiths, including Jewish, Hindu, Muslim and Armenian, thanks to its cosmopolitan nature and being open in particular to the East already in past centuries. In most cases, the wedding process under these faiths is similar in all countries, including Italy.

It’s a good idea to start planning a religious wedding six months before your ideal wedding date, considering the time you need for coordination between your local church and the church where you plan to get married in Venice.

Civil ceremonies in Italy can place exclusively in location that’s been approved by Italian authorities. In Venice they take place in Palazzo Cavalli, the Town Hall with a stunning view of Rialto bridge, and few other elegant palaces; No outdoor spaces are approved for this use in Venice. The civil ceremony will be performed by a town officer accompanied by an interpreter. 

For non-religious couples, symbolic ceremonies and blessings do take place, maybe in a rose garden or on a terrace facing the Venetian lagoon. You should follow the civil administrative procedure prior to the ceremony if you wish for the wedding to be legal.

For same-sex couples, civil unions are officially recognised.

What an elopement is about

The moment when two people look each other in the eye and swear eternal love for each other is something very personal! And that’s why some people want it to be like this: an elopement in Venice, the most romantic city in the world. 

Venice Wedding Team can make your vows exchange in Venice the most touching event of your life. Venice Wedding Team can support you in managing logistics, helping with paperworks and local authorities, suggesting the best solutions and creating a unique and incredible experience for you and your loved ones.

An elopement means planning an intimate event, from just the two of you to maximum 15/20 guests.

Deciding for an intimate and accurately planned dream rather than indulge in improvisation means to make it perfect! it means to be pampered and cuddled in this magic moment of your life with exclusive choices and solutions that let you relax and totally enjoy the experience of your Italian days.

And if you want to elope in style, and you love immerse yourself in local culture and traditions a good advice is to rent an elegant private house, equipped with all the comforts like a hotel but that unlike a hotel can guarantee you privacy and a really intimate celebration, perhaps with dinner on the rooftops of Venice, on a private “altana” the typical Venetian wooden terraces.

A careful planed elopement in Venice is sure to be an occasion to remember for every attendee so contacting Venice Wedding Team could be the right choice! The unique location and special local traditions will make the rest to give you the most special moment in your life far beyond your dreams and expectations!