Your wedding day is definitely the largest party you will ever throw. You will probably never again have the chance to have all of your family and friends in the same location and serve you dinner. This is cause for the biggest celebration of life and therefore you want to truly enjoy every second of it. You want to make an event that people will remember for years to come and one that will cover your wildest dreams. Your wedding day is one time to truly get creative and make an event that makes a statement with a fine cuisine and some crazy hour type entertainment with LED stilt walkers. The food is a very large part of wedding and therefore many couples spend some vital money here. So how much should you plan on spending? What type of food you consider for the large day? Here we look some of the basics to make this wedding reception easier.Food options

There are several food ideas for a wedding when it comes to laying out the meal itself, which contain:

Family style

In this way of feeding your guest’s waiters dish up big platters of all the food options that are passed around the table. This is extremely typical at Italian weddings and generally encompasses a full lot of food. However, between the meal and the dessert, is the best time to have quality upbeat entertainment like LED robots dancing come in and hype up the crowd with dancing.Buffet

This is your classic way that your wedding used to dish up guests and it is functional and permits you different choices. Some venues expert in buffets and others frown on them, so take time to find out what you are working with. You can generally dish up few entrée choices, plenty of side dishes, and best salads so there is something pure to please everyone.

Cocktail reception

Some couples would much rather dish up strong appetizers with some amazing cocktails to keep guests happy. Anyway, just be sure that you serve lots of options and appetizers that are sure to be filling for even the larger appetite.

Plated meal

This contains 1-2 entrees on single plate for each guest with the right side dishes. This generally starts off with a salad and ends with a desserts but the level of the detail and cash spend all depends on you. You can dream up everything from an easy chicken dinner to filet mignon and lobster to truly wow guests.

There are so many different rather artistic ways that you can handle then fun task of feeding your guests. You can job with your specific venue or even caterer on special options to go with a package deal with all the fixings.