Book Travel in Advance If not everyone in your party lives in the location of your wedding travel can be a huge expense. This is even more true if you have chosen to have a destination wedding. Do everyone a favor and talk about travel options well in advance. If there is an option to book the travel and accommodations at the same time, that can sometimes result in savings as well. Connect those who may be flying into the same airport so that they can share the cost of transportation to the hotel or venue. The earlier you book, the cheaper it is sometimes.

Take Care of the Registry Now Similar to travel costs, the amount of money some people spend on wedding gifts can be rather high depending on where the bride and groom are registered. If you create your registry early on, you give guests the opportunity to wait for a sale or look for deals elsewhere for the items on your list. It can also be useful to add a range of items to your registry with varying price points so that there is an option for every budget.

Help Coordinate Room Shares Sharing a room or suite will help bring the cost down for those who are ok with a little less privacy. This could be a great option for members of your wedding party who are not bringing a plus one. If the group contains people who do not know each other already, be mindful of those who could share a room and help coordinate the conversation. Choosing a cheaper option for accommodations, like Motel 6, can also help reduce the cost while allowing everyone to have their own space Allow for Options If matching suits and dresses are not high on your list of priorities, allowing for everyone in your wedding part to choose their own outfit can really help when it comes to staying within budget.

This look can be fun and has actually become much more common. To keep some consistency, you can offer guidelines for color, cut, style, or all three. Ask your wedding party to send you a picture before they buy, or even offer to accompany them on a shopping date if you live in the same place. This way there will be no surprises and you can still curate a cohesive look for everyone.

Make the Gift Useful Traditionally, those in the wedding party will receive a small token of appreciation from the bride or groom. Everybody wins when this gift is useful for the big day. Maybe an accessory that can be worn instead of purchased, or a gift certificate for mani-pedis before the ceremony. Whatever you choose, make sure to give the gift in advance if it makes sense so your bridesmaids and groomsmen can utilize it.]]>