Use an Existing Ring as a Guide If your partner is a jewelry lover, check her jewelry box. She might have lots of rings in that box. When she’s not around, get the one that you know she uses on her dominant hand, and then go straight to the ring store. A good jeweler will tell you the ring size of your partner and present you with a wide range of beautiful rings with the same size.

Use Soap, Clay, or Paper Using soap or clay, you can make an impression of her ring. Another option is by tracing the inside of the ring on a sheet of paper. After getting the detail, head on the local jewelry store and find an exquisite ring that you think your partner will love.

Measure Her Ring Size While Sleeping The best time to determine your partner’s ring size is when she’s sleeping. You can use a ribbon or string for measuring. Once done, you can ask the jewelry store’s staff to create a customized engagement ring for your partner.

Consult a Friend or Mother Another creative way to know the ring size without asking her is by consulting her friend or mother. They can provide you with an answer by letting you know the rings that she had tried, such as an heirloom.

Ask Someone to Go with Her on a Shopping Trip Shopping would be an exciting experience for you and your partner. Asking her to try some rings at the local jewelry shop might spoil the surprise. Here’s the solution for you. You ask someone to go with her on a shopping trip to encourage her to try wearing some rings. This way, you will have an idea about the design of the ring that your partner desires.

Use Your Finger You could also use your own finger to determine the ring size of your partner. Try to take your partner’s ring when she’s not paying attention and put it on one of your fingers. Mark the spot (below where the ring is sitting) using a pen.

Invite Her to Do an Art Project Art session can be a memorable moment for you and your partner. Encourage your partner to do artwork together. Emphasize creativity by asking her to trace her hands as part of the masterpiece. Once done, you can take the creation to the jewelry store and let them measure your partner’s ring size.

Ask Your Partner When both of you know that the marriage is going to happen soon, your partner probably expects an engagement ring. If all the options mentioned above don’t work for you, you can ask your partner what her ring size is. You could still surprise her by not telling her when and how you will propose.

Wearing jewelry exudes a symbol of success, social status, self-worth, and confidence. When it comes to customizing any jewelry, choose the one that has the most advanced jewelry design technology. If it’s for your loved one, you better find the best piece that suits your taste and budget.