Your spouse is your best friend for life. He or she is the one person to whom you devoted your whole life. Marrying your partner is the ultimate form of passion and love and it should be your top priority to keep your married life happy and full of spirit. However, as much as you love your spouse, you two are different people with different heads. This union is bound to feel a little too bland in the coming years. Spending time with the same person for a long period is becomes something that is potential in drifting you apart, probably not because you no longer love each other but because each one of you gets oversaturated with one another. And that is okay. That is fine and that is normal. A good advice for anyone soon to be married is that a marriage tends to be all sweet in the early days. The longer that marriage lasts, the more potential you two get somewhat cold toward each other. Things get overly predictable and if you do not do something about this, nobody knows where everything ends up.

Getting your spouse a plaque award could be a great way to spice things up between you two. By giving your loved ones plaques, you allow them to get a token of love from you. This is more tangible than, say, money and more long lasting than flowers or boxes of chocolate. Why is this the case, you ask? Well, a plaque contains inscription that may read things along the line of “I Love You Forever” or something like that. When your spouse feels a little bit worried about the state of your relationship, they could gaze upon that engraved plaque and gain reassurance that everything is and is going to be okay.

Granted, giving your spouse engraved plaques is probably not a common practice to do between two people in a marriage. But that is exactly the kind of action you need to consider taking in order to make everything rather unpredictable in the process. A plaque engraving could be something your spouse never anticipates in their whole life so when you do give them one, it gains a special place in their heart almost immediately. Of course, giving them solely a plaque would be awkward. It is possible that you might be viewed as taking the marriage as mere professional relationship. But that is a matter that can be easily tackled. Throw a bouquet of roses and a box of chocolate (for a wife) or a new wristwatch (for a husband) and you practically make everything more romantic that it could have ever been. Your spouse would feel appreciated, cared for, and wanted all at the same time. Your marriage might require some more tweaking to liven up but a thing such as this could easily be a nice starting point. Pick a color for the frame that matches your spouse’s favorite and get one with durable material so it lasts longer.