. Traditional Wedding Rings vs Alternative Modern Wedding Rings Please do not misunderstand, traditional does not have to mean boring or that the jewelry in question is anachronistically divided from modern fashion! It is just that the concept of your ring design will be more classical, nothing out of the ordinary, which will continue the steady and perfected customs of wearing the wedding ring to simply complement your Engagement Ring.

Most of the time, Traditional Wedding Rings are made of the same type of metal that engagement rings are, and are set with the same size and quality of diamonds or gemstones to replicate the shape, and match the engagement ring setting. So together, these rings will look like a perfectly matched pair or a complementary bridal ring pair.

Contrary to popular perception, your Modern Wedding Ring can be quite versatile and multifunctional allowing it to be flexibly worn either together with your engagement ring or separately on its own for various occasions. And Stackable Wedding Bands which currently fit into some of the hottest trends can function as one of the best examples to demonstrate the point.

You can wear them together with your engagement ring to create a classic wedding set or individually as a fashion stackable ring to celebrate your personal unique style.

Know you Style! Make a Sound Choice! Once you decide on a preferable concept you should think it through and learn more about popular design styles and techniques that work for you. Ask yourself, do you like simplicity or intricate details? Are you into timeless classic designs or rather vintage-inspired jewelry which feature complex designs incorporated with many decorative elements and custom finishes to create a distinctive unique look and express your individuality?

Learn more about different design setting styles available today and embellish your Wedding Ring with diamond or gemstones in many desirable setting styles like pave or micropavé, bezel, prong, fancy shared prong or the most secure channel set.  Find your perfect style which most appeals to you and which is suitable to your Engagement Ring.

Do it yourself or hire an experienced jewellery designer equipped with the tools and expertise in custom jewellery making to transform your design idea into a one-of-a-kind Wedding Ring.

Personalize and Make it Yours! Personalization is currently the hottest trend that is rapidly growing in popularity. Nowadays with new advances in technology we have so many ways to customize and personalize your jewellery pieces that the possibilities are practically limitless.

Your Wedding Ring can be hand engraved or laser engraved with a special message or unique pattern to celebrate your marriage and lifelong commitment. In addition, you can set your birthstones or sacred gemstones inside the band or even accessorize your Wedding Ring with little surprise accent stones. Distinctive custom finishes are incredibly trendy today among both brides and grooms for creating contrasting designs and unconventional looks. And here are our Top 4 Wedding Rings to get you inspired!

Heart Shaped Halo Engagement Ring featuring genuine heart shaped diamond embellished with micropavé diamonds. This custom-made setting was crafted together with a Traditional Wedding Ring in full Eternity and made in the same 14k white gold as a perfectly matched bridal set.
An Artful Modern take on a Three-stone Engagement Ring with epic amounts of sparkle and a distinctly vintage touch. This vintage inspired Floral Engagement Ring was designed with a matching Wedding Ring Guard with diamond accents to complement the Engagement ring.
Our latest custom-made TRIO BRIDAL SET with 2 Rings that can be worn individually. Two-Tone Platinum and 18K YG in Trellis Engagement Ring with 3.7ctw Hearts & Arrows Charles & Colvard’s Forever One™ Moissanite and diamond accents in pave, crafted with Double-Row Diamond Matching Wedding Ring Wrap Jacket in pave. This Ring Enhancers can be worn on its own or make your engagement ring look impressive.
Antique style Bridal Set in Platinum. This bespoke Diamond Trio Bridal set consists of 3 Rings. Infinity Twist Solitaire Engagement Ring set with miropave diamonds and embellished with milgrain edge. Two Stackable Diamond Wedding Rings that can be flexibly worn together or separately.