Themed weddings are quite popular in the modern day. When planning a themed wedding, the choice is always between a modern and a vintage wedding. Brides are now leaning more towards a vintage theme. The first thing that comes to mind when you hear a vintage wedding is the Victorian times. This is a type of wedding that takes us back to the 1920s. It is a reflection of old-school romance in its pure form. Unlike popular belief, vintage weddings do not have to be outdated or boring. It is possible to keep it classy and elegant. Modern weddings, on the other hand, are about modernity and the current way of doing things. You will notice a modern themed wedding just by looking at the simple ways of décor, dressing and the lack of formalities. Darin Collinson   Difference between a vintage and a modern wedding   Formal event vs. informal event A vintage wedding is usually a formal event. This means that dressing is formal and even the event activities are formal. You will also notice that a vintage wedding will start in the morning and all the activities follow through the day. Modern weddings, on the other hand, are usually informal events. The wedding might be an evening or an afternoon wedding with little or no formalities. Colors and decor We cannot talk about any wedding without talking about colors and decor. Vintage weddings are all about color and décor. A vintage wedding is associated with bold colors and also bold prints. With a vintage wedding, you will notice the use of lace, feathers and other bold statements. On the other hand, modern weddings are about toning things down. This involves the use of neutral colors and clean lines in the decor. Pinterest   Photography Photography always brings a difference between vintage and modern weddings. In vintage weddings, photography is a big aspect of the ceremony. With vintage wedding photography, you will notice the photos with blurry backgrounds, black and white photos and even the portrait wedding layout. This is the opposite of modern wedding photography that is all about taking pictures without actually posing for the camera. Why a vintage wedding and not a modern one? Memorable tradition One thing that makes the vintage weddings unique is the whole tradition. Vintage weddings always have certain rituals that need to be observed. Careful consideration is made when choosing the wedding dress, location and even the order of events. It is the small details of the wedding that make all the difference. When you decide to have a vintage wedding, you will remember the whole experience even in years to come. This is a little different from a modern wedding where rules are not observed, and everything is done as per the moment. Pinterest Formality For people who love formality, a vintage wedding is a good option. Formality is important for a vintage wedding. People take time to dress for the wedding, and the ceremony is conducted formally. Most of the time, the wedding is conducted in a church or even a garden. After the ceremony, a formal dinner and dance session follows. These are the things that bring the true meaning of a wedding, and many people appreciate the formality. Glamor One thing that you must appreciate about a vintage wedding is the glamor. Every aspect of the wedding is planned to bring out the glamor. You will notice that people take time to dress up in floral prints, bright colors and bold prints. The bride and the family members dress up for the wedding because it is a memorable day. The decor involves the use of flowers and patterns to enhance the glamorous look. There is nothing like minimalism when it comes to a vintage wedding. Kantora Freedom to design Many people think that vintage weddings are rigid, but that is not the case. It is possible to incorporate your personality and borrow a few things here and there. For instance, you don’t need to have a theme color for your wedding. It is possible to use all the interesting colors and prints that you love. It is also possible to use borrowed and old items. If you love your grandmother’s necklace, then you can use it on your wedding day without worrying about matching your jewelry. It is all about using what you love for your wedding to bring out the overall look.  ]]>