#1: Choose a romantic theme

How about adding a theme to your party which can enhance the charm of all your celebrations? Don’t forget the fact that this isn’t a regular get-together or a reunion among friends and hence it has got to be special.

You can keep a personalized theme which can include your favorite music, color or anything else that you both have in common.

Anything that is romantic will do. If you’ve planned to give her a wine box anniversary gift, you could open it amidst your themed anniversary party.

#2: Plan a sudden trip In case anyone among the two of you doesn’t prefer big and pompous celebrations, how about a sudden getaway to a romantic destination which you had been planning for years? In case your first anniversary falls on a long weekend or during an extended holiday, going out for a trip is even a better idea. Make sure you browse through fanciful spots which couples prefer and which you both have been planning for a long time.

#3: Recreate the menu of your wedding night Do you remember the menu of your marriage day? If you do, you could recreate it on your anniversary day as well. Sit together to choose the recipes, go out to shop for all the ingredients, and cook the dishes as a team. There are certain dishes which can be considered as fun while making them with your loved one. In general, cooking is a cheap and fun dating idea and it is also a nice way of spending your anniversary if you both love to cook.

#4: Design invitations by tickling your creativity Modern times are all about originality and creativity and anything into which you put in your efforts will become refreshing and inviting. Do you plan to call your guests to the anniversary party that you’re planning? If answered yes, you should add wings to your imagination and think of some inviting one-liners which you can add to the themed invitation cards. You can either make it on paper or use digital ones.

#5: Entertainments can be included Being a host in the evening, it’s entirely your duty and your social responsibility to entertain your guests and keep them entertained. You can include dance, music and several games in your party. You can also play your wedding video and perform few contests.

So, if you’re planning to spend your first anniversary in a special way, you can take into account the above listed ideas. If you have any other ideas, you can even share them with us. However, whichever option you choose, make sure you do things from your heart.