Planning a wedding is the only time when a normal person with no event planning experience has to perform essentially the duties of an entire full-time job that people take years to perfect. It is an insane undertaking that usually takes up most of your spare time and requires an immense amount of attention to detail.

Of course, if you have the money, you can just hire someone to plan the whole wedding, and these event planners that have years of experience will take over the process into their very capable hands and handle all of the moving pieces for you. They will contact you only when it’s time to make decisions about colors and that’s about it… but what if you don’t have those finances? Then you are on your own!

Here are just a couple of little tech tips that might help you have a successful wedding the day of the event.

GET A WiFi HOTSPOT: Starting off with a surprising one maybe, but think about it this way. Depending on your location, you will have to rely on the WiFi they provide no matter where you are in the venue and who knows how reliable that is. You are going to have a DJ that is potentially using the internet, a photographer who might be uploading footage, and a photobooth that might be sending emails to all of your guests. Take care of the WiFi yourself and pay just a little bit to provide reliable high-speed internet for your staff.

DUPLICATE EXTERNAL STORAGE FOR YOUR PHOTOS AND VIDEOS: Depending on what sort of agreement you set up with your photographer and videographer they will either send you a link to a download file to get all of your footage, or they will be dropping all of it for you the night of. Whichever option you choose, just make sure you get an extra hard drive. Why? So that when you get your footage and photos you can copy them onto two separate storage devices that you can keep separately, so that if one gets lost of corrupted, or uncle Ned accidentally spills his beer on it… you’ll still have your footage.

HAVE BACK UP MICROPHONES AND BATTERIES: Microphones, especially wireless ones, can be really tricky and have been known to sometimes stop working for no reason. It does not cost much to rent an extra microphone for your big night, and it does not cost much to buy an extra pack of batteries in case you run out. This makes things easier in case halfway through your dinner, between the best man speech and the maid of honor, you mic stops working and suddenly they are yelling at the top of their lungs how sacred your love is.

These are just a couple of tips to consider, but the main advice I can give you is to always have a back-up. As any event planner will tell you, it is always much more difficult to source something that breaks the last minute, than to return something you didn’t use but had as a backup.

You might not be an event planner, but as someone who’s done it quite a few times, a contingency plan is your best friend!