The History of the White Dress in Weddings: When you mention weddings, then a white wedding gown is certain to be included. The history of the white dress during weddings has been naturally associated with a successful wedding for the longest time. The white wedding theme is blended in all international cultures globally. Therefore, even when you’re practicing international dating, just know that it will have to be included in your wedding.

Luxury and Royalty:

Nevertheless, global cultures haven’t always embraced the white dress during weddings. There was a time when other colors were widely accepted during an official wedding ceremony. However, in Western cultures, a white gown has come to be accepted as the normal dressing during a wedding. The history of the white wedding dress began in 1406 when Princess Philippa from England got married to King Eric from Scandinavia. Mary Queen of Scots also wore white during her wedding in 1558. In 1840, when Queen Victoria got married to Prince Albert, she also white and it started being a custom.

Industrial Revolution:

It’s not until the industrial revolution that women wore the white dressing gown without expecting that they will reuse it. Back then, even the noble and the rich repurposed their wedding gowns to be worn during subsequent occasions. White dresses were more expensive, and they were harder to maintain, thus it became easier for the wealthier to wear. Working-class women didn’t have enough dresses and weddings are associated with dining and wining. This would ultimately mess up the luxurious white color eternally and it could only be worn once. Even Queen Victoria repurposed hers to be worn later. Some women would even dye the dress to a deeper hue to make it reusable.

The message of purity:

Several cultures are known to accept the history of the white dress during weddings as a symbol of virginity and purity. Furthermore, it also tended to portray the innocence of the bride and the girlhood that a novel bride should present. Almost all Western brides are known to wear white during their first weddings to pass this message to the world and the community at large.


During a wedding, photos and videos are taken purposely to remember the auspicious occasion. The emergence of wedding portraits and photography also propelled the use of the white wedding dress. The color looked more stunning during weddings and it also complimented the beauty of the bride.


By the mid-19th century, magazines had emerged. Women’s publications had endorsed white as the perfect color for wedding dresses. It also tended to be the perfect color for magazine photos and articles. Moreover, fashion enthusiasts sanctioned white as the best material to portray the elegance of weddings. This became a part of international cultures that are repeated by fashion enthusiasts when it comes to selecting a color for the wedding dress. Although wearing the white dress is synonymous with international cultures, not all brides are globally known to wear this color currently. Nonetheless, when one veers towards international dating with a partner from Europe and other Western cultures, they are bound to accept the white wedding dress in their nuptials.]]>