1: You cannot go overboard with the sparkle or glam

We all know that the New Year’s is all about sparkle and glam, and weddings are no different. Everyone just loves to dress up and get fancy for a wedding. So, how about you level up a bit? Add sparkle and glam to everything, from your jewelry and bridesmaids dresses to the incredible textured textiles that are still in fashion. A New Year’s Eve wedding can be glamorous, festive and fun, without the guests feeling that you are trying too hard or going overboard with everything.

2: The majority of your guests will stay the whole night

You will have to at least stay up until midnight on the New Year’s Eve to wish everyone a happy New Year. Afterall, it is bad luck if you do not, right? All your guests will be too inclined than usual to stay up and will have high energy on the dance floor until the very end. No one will be leaving the party right after the dinner, which people usually do at a wedding.

3: You can surprise your guests

Having a holiday wedding allows you to be as creative as you want to be. While everyone expects a midnight countdown, they will still be curious to see how the night unfolds and how you plan to celebrate your big day with them. How about inviting everyone to the wedding saying that it is a New Year’s Eve party? And right after the introductory cocktail, surprise them as your walk down the aisle to celebrate a special moment.

4: Venues and vendors are actually available

As long as you are planning your big day well in advance, you will realise that venues and vendors are readily available on the New Year’s Eve. Believe us when we say that it is a lot more fun to plan a wedding without having to stress about the availability of venues and vendors on your planned date.

5: So many fun details

There a so many cute ideas that you can consider and incorporate in your wedding reception. On New Year’s Eve, this is bound to ramp up to an all new level. There is no such thing as ‘Too much’ on the New Year, so leave the idea of gaudy or tacky outside the door. You can have everything, such as, a champagne tower, a balloon drop, flashy photo booths, monogrammed noisemakers, sparkly confetti and the list just goes on. Pick the ones that interest you the most and go for it.


1: New Year’s Eve is expensive

Planning a wedding on a holiday comes with a hefty cost. For instance, the staff is paid more to work on the New Year’s. Thus increasing the charges for simpler things such as deliveries of rentals  and booking catering services. But then again, there is a lot of fun that awaits you on the New Year’s Eve, think about the champagne tower.

2: The party will keep going

This depends on how optimistic you are as a person. Many holiday wedding organisers have offers during the New Year and your guests would certainly expect the party to continue into the following day for a festive brunch (when everyone can get together and reminisce on the night before). While some of your guests would jump to this festive opportunity, there are some who might be reluctant to this idea.