Sola wedding flowers and sola wood bouquets have changed the wedding scenario completely. Now you can try your dream DIY floral arrangements with a relaxed state of mind. Sola flowers and sola wood wedding bouquets have given you the confidence and freedom of being unique in your own way. The durability, affordability, and variety of options with sola flowers make your wedding day indeed an eye-treat for everyone. You do not need to worry about them wilting, drying, and dying of flowers with the additional advantage of choosing any flower option in any season makes sola wood flowers the first choice of every bride. Here we have shared some tips to help you with your DIY sola wedding flowers:

  1. Book your flowers with
Of course, this part was expected, but do you know why you need The bulk flower orders and wedding packages of are affordable with the best sola wood flower quality you can expect. You can also order for gorgeous custom bridal bouquets for a very reasonable price. If you are a total DIY bride, then getting the best sola flowers from for your DIY wedding decoration project is a worthy option in anyways.
  1. Be clear about your color and style options:
Don’t get messed up with lots of color choices with so many styles in mind. You need to be focused as a DIY bride. You already take the risk of transforming your dream wedding style into reality on your own. Be clear about what colors you need for your wedding day and what is the style and color theme and location of your wedding party.
  1. Keep it simple:
The best option is to stick with one accent and two or three types of flowers. Ordering a wide variety of sola wedding flowers is a common mistake. To achieve an effortlessly chic style staying with one delicate range, two hardy, full bloom types, and one accent is quite enough. Otherwise, the absence of consistent and sturdy flowers will end up with floral arrangements looking meek.
  1. You cannot control the flowers:
Although sola wood flowers provide you maximum freedom to play with them according to your inspiration picture, still every single sola wood flower is customized. These flowers are handmade with unique curves of petals. You can manage bloom diameter, color option, and placement of curves and leaves, but still, it is good to let them free and let them flow to bloom naturally.
  1. Buy floral material carefully:
Buy carefully everything you need for floral arrangements. Visualizing a DIY project is something else while making it real needs actual hard work. It is better to transfer your imaginations on paper first and then bring all the stuff together before start working. Follow these simple suggestions, and you will get lovely DIY sola wood flowers for your special day.]]>