But it would be quite a shame if you have nothing adequate to reflect the true beauty of your bond and the magic of your day. A photograph captures that one second that belongs to it…. definitely worth a thousand words.

But brilliantly shot, professionally edited and mastered wedding movies are true memory gems that only a professional wedding videography agency in Melbourne can create for you. Here are a few more reasons to budget for, and hire a wedding videographer for your BIG day:

Complete sensory capture

There are so many elements on a wedding day such as the music, voices, vows, toasts which are audio delights! They get completely missed in photographs. When something as deep and meaningful as your vows, are recorded and placed in your wedding movie, they are not easily forgotten. You don’t need to wonder what your wedding song was 10 years down the line or how your close ones reacted. It’ll all be well documented and presented for years to come.

Share without parting

The tradition of heavy wedding albums is passé and with good reason. Photographs get misplaced and damaged. Even digital prints are somehow limited in depicting the real story. Everyone loves a well-made wedding movie in a well customised wedding suit, even if they don’t really know the couple! It’s true! The beauty of moving pictures, artistic lighting, and background music make wedding videos irresistible.

You can share them via YouTube or Vimeo without taking up space in people’s mailboxes. Unlike wedding photo albums, you will never fear to lose your precious photos each time you share the physical album.

Positive reminder of good

Once the honeymoon is over, the marriage begins! During the tougher times, it’s nice to go back to lovely wedding movies that captured the perfection of your wedding day. Videos have the power to stir deeper than photographs.

Dedicate one or two days a year where you watch your wedding movie together, in which you are the stars. Each time you do, it’ll bring back the romance and passion of those times. The day that stops, renew your vows, and hire a wedding videographer to shoot a new wedding movie with fresh memories!

Wedding movies are not the same as wedding videos

Before we sum up, it’s important to mention that wedding videographers are of different kinds. One kind makes wedding videos while others construct wedding movies. A wedding video is a footage that goes on for hours and is often monotonous. It’s not edited nor polished in any way.

Though these videos may capture all the sounds at your wedding, that’s not what you would want to hear, again and again. Find wedding videography in Melbourne that is equipped and trained to shoot, edit, and create gorgeous wedding movies that you may cherish forever. It’ll be a decision that you will not regret.