wedding in Portugal because of the climate, which is the complete opposite of having a local wedding. However, if you are tying the knot this year and want to strike a balance between tradition and modernity, then looking at the latest trends is a good place to start.

Local Weddings With the price of weddings continuing to increase, more couples will choose to have a cheaper wedding that is closer to home. An increase in licences means that there will be more weddings in bars and restaurants when the staffs knows the couples that are getting married. By choosing to opt for such a wedding means that money can be saved and there will be more flexibility and more options for personalisation.

Vegan Menus Vegan menus will become more common for environmental reasons and because of the extensive choice that is now available. So, rather than serving alternative food for those with dietary requirements, all of the guests will eat from the same vegan menu.

Statement Tables As standard round tables continue to fall out of favour, lavish statement tables will become a lot more popular this year. The driving force behind this being personalisation. Couples no longer want their food served in such a way that mirrors a restaurant dining experience. Instead, colours and textures will be used to create statement tables that people will remember for a long time.

Hand Sketched Stationary  When it comes to paper goods for weddings, hand-sketched stationery will become a lot more popular during 2020. Not only hand-sketched stationery, but personalised illustrations will also be more desirable.

Help Yourself Bars More and more couples are opting for help yourself bars. In fact, this year will see self-service beer taps become commonplace at weddings. While they can be dangerous for those who are overindulgent, they can make life easier for couples.

Instagram Worthy Backdrops  On the flip side of local weddings, more of the younger generation will be choosing costly venues for their wedding day. In fact, millennials are choosing to go completely all out on their wedding day with no details left untouched. The economic outlook and uncertainty surrounding Brexit will have an impact on the wedding industry.

The current standards of simple round tables and traditional flowers will still have their place, but as the country’s economic outlook changes, couples will opt for more glamorous venues and decorations to create an uplifting mood.

Roses 2020 will see the return of the traditional rose. After years of lilies and tulips, this beautiful flower is set to make a comeback. If you are unsure where to start when it comes to roses, a bouquet that is made up of only one colour will make a striking statement. In the winter, you could go for deep red or pure white. In the spring, yellows and pinks are a beautiful option.

Sustainability  With a lot of people being more conscious of their impact on the planet, sustainable weddings will become more popular this year. In fact, there are now so many options for couples to choose from for their big day. Central to sustainable weddings is to drastically reduce the amount of plastic that is used during a wedding ceremony.

Tactile Experiences  Touchable features are becoming a lot more important in the online shopping world as we seek more tactile experiences. And, we expect to see these experiences to be brought to the foreground of weddings this year. The means that everything from velvet tablecloths to tall grass decorating aisles that your guests walk through and can touch.

Alternatives to Confetti  Traditional confetti has had its day when it comes to weddings. While there are biodegradable alternatives, there are also lots of other ways of sending off couples who have just said their vows. For example, ribbon wands are becoming more popular, and they are very easy to make yourself.

Floral Clouds Large centrepieces are becoming less popular as couples focus more on encouraging conversations between their guests. Instead, we are seeing an uplift in floral clouds being constructed above tables.