How to decide who to invite?

This is not an easy choice. There are many people that you would like to have beside you during the happiest day but you can’t not invite everyone. The number of guests goes hand in hand with your budget. To invite hundreds of people can be very expensive. The first choice starts from relatives.

We can keep from inviting more distant relatives that we rarely see and that probably even do not know about our relationship.

Better live the happiest day with those who we really “live” with, such as our best friends, those that were there in good and bad times. If your budget permits you to keep up appearances you can also extend the wedding invitations to less close acquaintance.

Is it necessary to invite those that do not approve our love?

Wedding ceremony is a unique moment. Guests are called not only to party but, above all, to celebrate the couple’s love and to witness and support their their will to stay together for the rest of their lives.

This is not a friends dinner or a family reunion. Wedding has to be unrepeatable, the couple has to be able to preserve the memory as a precious treasure, and this memory has to be protected. So, it is not absolutely necessary to invite to your gay or lesbian wedding someone that is openly against same-sex weddings. Unless his/her absence burdens you more than his/her presence. This is a quite universal advice, so true also in straight weddings case.

How has to be for gay wedding invitations?

Love, of course, is love, and every couple loves in its own way, with its color and its taste, so there is not an etiquette regarding gay or lesbian wedding invitations. During the last years much has changed in formulas and aesthetics.

Originally invitations were sent by the couple’s parents. The information that are usually included are the ceremony place.

Date and time, the couple names and possible dress-code. In case of a same sex couple there are no rules about who’s name has to appear first. Remember that the invitation is a very important detail, the “visiting card” of you wedding, that will anticipate the mood and style of the event.

There are many talented graphic designers that can create original invitations for your gay wedding. Why to assign to an anonymous invitation the task to spread the world and communicate toy wedding?