For those who haven’t had the luck to be a part of an extravaganza, you have definitely missed out on something fun. To begin with, Punjabi weddings are known to be lavish, extravagant and exactly what big fat Indian weddings are made of. Punjabis are an expressive lot, who love to make merry and flaunt their happiness and share it with the world. So, if you are a Punjabi, your wedding is going to be one of the biggest events of your life. And to hold such a grand event, it is important to have the funds for the numerous pre and post-wedding celebrations that a Punjabi wedding typically comprises of. Breaking your fixed deposits or savings is not a great idea to fund your wedding anyway. A better way is to take up a wedding loan. Honestly, there is nothing wrong with a wedding loan. If you have a steady income and are able to pay your EMIs then you will easily be eligible for a personal loan for your wedding. If the stigma of availing a loan has left your mind you need to know that personal loans including wedding loans can be availed by financial institutions and NBFCs like Tata Capital. Then start with your personal loan eligibility. To know your personal loan eligibility, you can check the same at the website of any financial institution. Personal loan eligibility criteria are spelt out simply so that you can check where you stand. The norms are pretty similar to what a simple personal loan entails. To avail a wedding loan, one has to be 21-58 years old, having a salary income of Rs 20,000 and above. If they are between 25-65 years old, they should have an annual business or professional income of Rs 2 lakh and above. If you fulfil the above criteria, you can fill up a simple form online and once approved, the sanctioned wedding loan amount will be credited to your bank account within three days. Yes, it’s that simple. If you are worried about mammoth EMIs? Don’t be, because wedding loans are nothing but simple personal loans, which anybody can apply for, and eventually repay in easy installments. If you take the wedding loans from a trusted institution such as Tata Capital, you can enjoy attractive and competitive interest rates. The rate is dependent on different factors ranging from the borrower’s age, ability to pay back, their CIBIL score, profession, work experience etc. However, before you apply for the loan, it is important to assess what would be your tentative expenditure. Only after you calculate that, can you arrive at a definitive figure for which you want to apply for a personal loan. To understand where all the expenses would be, let’s take a look at some of the major rituals that traditionally form a part of Punjabi weddings: Roka: Roka or Rokna is like a final confirmation that the wedding is taking place. The bride’s family visits the groom’s family with gifts including jewelry. Similarly, the groom’s family visits the bride’s family. If you haven’t already invested in jewelry then you can use your wedding loan to buy before the Roka. Chunni ceremony and Sagaai: The groom’s family visits the bride with gifts and a red sari or a lehenga, along with a headscarf. On the same day, the sagaai or official engagement also takes place, whereby the bride and the groom exchange rings. This is the ring that you both are going to wear all your lives so this ought to be special. If you are looking for a solitaire for your spouse, make sure you include its price when you are calculating your wedding loan. Mehendi and Sangeet: Mehendi is an indispensable part of Punjabi weddings. Usually, on the same day in the evening, a Sangeet is held. The Sangeet is a huge affair and a rather cost-intensive one as well. This even not only requires proper planning but also proper funding. Without the money, you won’t be able to book a fancy hall or a hotel for the event or hire the DJ that you always wanted. However, the personal loan you take in form of a wedding loan, you won’t have to worry much about money. Chooda Chadhana and Kalire in the ceremony: This is one of the most important ceremonies. The maternal uncle and his wife have to gift a set of 21 red-maroon and ivory, often stone-encrusted, bangles to the bride. Post this is the wedding day, which also comprises of many activities and rituals such as Haldi, GharaGhardoli, Sehrabandhi, GhoriSajana, Aartietc in the run-up to the actual wedding.Of course, then there is the baarat. One of the fun aspects is dancing in the Baarat with live music, with your friends and family. This can also be an expensive event if you plan to have a fun time, as all the sundry expenses relating to the Baarat will cost you a lot of money. With the wedding loan, this will not be a problem. The actual wedding comprises of varmala exchange, which is followed by bidayi and the wedding reception. The reception is something you cannot avoid. Be it in a hall or on a beach, you would want this to be special as well. After all, this is the time after all the rituals are done, you get to just relax. Relaxing would be easier and more fun when you know that your wedding loan has covers all the costs. Just reading about all these events gives you an idea that planning a Punjabi wedding can be rather expensive. If you have already planned for this event, everything will be taken care of. If not then you will need some monetary help. This is what the wedding loan from a financial institution like Tata Capital will be for you; your financial support system that will let you plan all these rituals and events and more during your Big fat Punjabi wedding!]]>