Lucky you! You found someone to marry if you asked or they did doesn’t matter just the fact that you two are coming together in life. Stuff just got real! This is time for planning a wedding; which starts with another big question- WHERE.

This is an article for those of you interested in a destination wedding, a wedding on the beach or in a pretty church with a ceremony on the beach. It’s possible with a customised wedding. Don’t confuse that with unaffordable, with prices from £4000 pounds. You can get the ideal beach wedding of your dreams and yes that includes a wedding planner leaving you to make choices and enjoy the lead up and not do the boring and complicated planning. Let’s drop a word ANTIGUA!

Yes your Beach Wedding should be in Antigua.

The small island paradise of Antigua has a ton of benefits for anyone looking for a beach wedding in a tropical paradise. Here are a few of the main ones:

  • It is almost guaranteed sun especially in season. The worst month for rain and a lack of sun is in October and even then you get a whopping 8 hours of sun!
  • Short flight times with direct flights from the UK, USA and Canada
  • It has amazing beaches you can get married on most any of them. However you can’t pick through them all as there are 365 one for each day of the year. It’s proper beachy!
  • Weddings and ceremonies are a speciality of the island they are very used to handling this and there are excellent wedding planners available for you.
  • It is a beautiful island with gorgeous backdrops that will create lasting memories of your massive day.
  • Antigua has fully legal and lawfully binding weddings.

You might not be surprised to learn that the average cost of a wedding in New York (the most expensive destination) is $70,000 so you can see why the Caribbean Wedding Package is attractive. Shortly behind is Mexico and then Hawai for outside of the US. Half of all destination weddings are made with the help of a planner. For those without a planner most will be wedding packages that remove some of the need for a planner, as they are plans within themselves. If you are looking at a wedding ergo resorts and contacting resorts you will start to get steered away from perhaps what you want. So bear that in mind when you talk to resort planners. It is a great idea to choose a beach as your choice destination in Antigua and while many resorts are on beaches they do not always do the ceremony right on the beach. Other important details are also not always clear. So be firm with your dream!

Even the celebrity market are looking at planners for Antigua. Customising your wedding within set tiered pricing structure avoiding the resorts is a great option for many. You will then get to make adjustments with bolt-ons. One such company in Antigua is Best Antigua Here is a link to their Wedding Planner Page. Antigua Resort Weddings are a good choice for some, they represent a way to get married on the cheap. Of course some resorts are offering weddings that are not always cheap. You are of course free to just stay in a resort and organise your wedding independently. It is with a professional planner that you are going to have your weddings best interests at heart.

So there you have a fantastic option to move forwards with as you will have many! The bright skies and tropical fauna and beaches of Antigua are a draw for many each year on what has consistently been voted the most romantic island.

About the author:

Calvin is an authority on the island of Antigua. Lucky enough to live and work on Antigua he knows all the best spots to laze around and the best bartenders for rum punches. If you would like to contact him for writing opportunities then you can reach him through Cambs Digital – which serves him in his professional side.