A wedding is one of the most important things for people. A wedding can unite two people in a sacred relationship. In addition, a wedding also can be a good event for two families to know each other. Normally, the wedding ceremony is conducted on a special occasion. For some reason, the wedding ceremony should be held in such a great event and an unforgettable moment for the bride and grooms.

The wedding ceremony is made by using some themes. It depends on the will of the bride and groom. For the couple who want to have a great wedding event, they may need to rent a Wedding Organizer or WO. This organizer will manage all of the things about the wedding of the couple. The wedding organizer will manage the theme, concept, event schedule, food, drink, decorations, and others. It will help the bride and groom to save their time so that they don’t need to spend a lot of time preparing the wedding.

Well, having a wedding ceremony may need a lot of money. The couple and their family need to prepare the budget for everything. For some people who want to hold a simple wedding ceremony, they may spend less budget.

However, for some couples who want to hold a great and luxurious wedding, they may need to spend more money. A wedding that spends a lot of money is called an expensive wedding.

Well, in history, the wedding that spends much cost often held by the international artist, athletes, and royal family. Normally, the wedding will be held at some events. And, that what makes the wedding so expensive. In addition, the bride and groom may wear a luxurious wedding dress. Some wedding dresses are designed with jewel and high many features. The dress looks so good but yet so expensive.

This kind of wedding may also offer food and drink that cost a lot of money. The wedding is also held in a special place such as ballroom luxurious hotels or star five hotels. Can you imagine how much cost is it?

An example of a high-cost wedding is the wedding of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. This wedding is held in early 2000. It spent about a million American dollars for the wedding ceremony. The budget is divided into some occasions such as $100,000 for the security, $75,000 for floral, $20,000 for fireworks, and others. Well, even though the wedding is so expensive, but this couple got what they want.

They got privacy, beautiful decorations, and others. This what makes their wedding becomes so meaningful. Another couple who spend much money on their wedding is Elizabeth Taylor and Larry Fortensky. This couple spent almost $1.5 million bill.

The high cost was for the security so that they can get the privacy, the invitation for the special guest, decoration, and others. Another couple who spent a high cost for their wedding is Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas. They spent about $1.5 million to hold their wedding. One of the special things in their wedding is the presence of a luxurious tiara.