A place, a destination where 2 hearts can find a nest, real comfort and beauty… Santorini Wedding – SantoriniMyWedding.com

Why choose a destination wedding?

There are some places in the world that are simply Unique. They are Possessed by Love. They express Summertime, Beauty, Style and have Romance integrated everywhere. Where else to get married? Where else to show Amor?

Where to have a destination Wedding;

  • For a beach Romantic wedding: Bali, Caribbean Islands, Hawaii and of course our finest choice Santorini a pearl among the Aegean Islands
  • For a country wedding: A European Castle in Scotland, Prague or Ireland
  • For a city wedding: New York, Rome, Paris
  • For an intimate wedding: New Zealand, Antiparos
  • For a big wedding: Crete, Myconos
Santorini Weddings – SantoriniMyWedding.com Romantic Beach Santorini Wedding Bali is one of the most romantic places on the planet. With tropical landscapes that are straight out of storybooks, breathtaking weather and the famously friendly Balinese radiating their trademark “good energy,” this island in the middle of Indonesia is a prime honeymoon and wedding destination. Caribbean Islands especially Bermuda is a romantic place to wed, and several resorts offer turnkey wedding packages. Hawaii: Having a Hawaii beach wedding is a wonderful experience. There are a lot of islands to choose from all with different beauty but definitely romantic scenery! Beautiful View in Santorini Wedding – SantoriniMyWedding.com Santorini island with the unique caldera and volcano view from dreamy moments. Why choose Santorini for your destination wedding? Santorini is proven to be one of the most popular, elegant and atmospheric islands for holidays that everybody should visit at least one time in their lives. Furthermore, it is the most appropriate island for events, especially for your destination wedding! White and Blue Santorini Wedding – SantoriniMyWedding.com Marriage in Santorini – Picture from Santorini WeddingsSantoriniMyWedding.com Besides the ideal climate of Greece with hot summers, bright sun and the temperament of its people (that captivates tourists in every part of Greece), Santorini has the distinctive characteristics that make it stand out and deservedly popular all over the world. Santorini is filled with charm and uniqueness, the landscape and the whitewashed villages make it so extremely elegant… That island cannot be compared with anything you have seen until now. Blue dome-shaped churches, Windmills, Snow-white limestone walls and roofs, rough cliffs and the sun, that sparkles on the calm sea – leave anyone speechless and paint the picture of Santorini’s breathtaking scenery right in front of our mind’s eye. Happily Ever after with Santorini Weddings – SantoriniMyWedding.com Santorini is filled with flair and elegance, It’s unparalleled style and beauty in combination with the exotic and luxurious hotels make this island ideal for any visitor and mostly for special events like wedding. If you have imagined a magnificent destination wedding you can make your dream come true on Santorini’s cliffs and it’s elegant wedding venues.]]>