Few things in life hold more value than being able to find that person who makes you feel so good that you actually want to share your entire life with them. While the wedding ring may seem like a very small part of the entire wedding process, there is no doubt about its significance and importance in the matrimonial union of two people. To help you find that perfect ring which will make her want to say yes even more, here’s a guide that won’t let you down.

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Decide On the Cut of the Diamond

Diamonds are cut in various shapes by jewelers and the price will vary quite a bit, depending on the kind of cut the diamond is sporting. Heart cuts, oval cuts, round cuts, cushion cuts, and princess cuts are probably your best options, but feel free to choose another cut if it appeals to you more or if the price goes above your budget. Remember that pear cut or marquis cut diamonds won’t be as expensive as the round cut or oval cut diamonds, so if you want a bigger stone, you may have to go for a less expensive cut.

Go With Yellow or White Gold

Sterling silver and platinum are good options, but a classic yellow or a more modern white gold is a better choice of metal for wedding rings because of the following reasons.

  • Sterling silver and platinum look the same to the inexperienced eye, which is a letdown, given the huge difference in price
  • Platinum scratches easily and it is not a durable metal that is fit for regular use jewelry such as a wedding ring
  • Gold rings are more durable and less expensive than platinum rings, and they look gorgeous
  • Sterling silver is just too cheap a metal for a diamond wedding ring

Buy From an Authentic Store

If you are looking to buy jewelry in Chicago, Ethan Lord is one of the most trusted names in the business. The reputation of the seller is the most important factor while buying jewelry in general, and wedding rings in particular. As precious stones and metals are among the most forged items in the world, the difference between finding a deal on that dream wedding ring and getting cheated into buying glass is almost non-existent! Therefore, unless you are an expert in jewelry yourself, always buy wedding rings, or any other jewelry in general, from authentic, reputed sellers with certificates to get the best value for your money.

Buy Your Diamond in an Unconventional Weight to Save Money

What most general consumers do not know about is that if you buy diamonds in unconventional weights (anything that isn’t a whole number like 1 carat or 0.50 carat), they will cost a lot less. For example, buy a 0.95 carat stone and it will save you a significant amount of money, compared to what it would have cost you to buy a full 1-carat diamond. Not to mention, the difference in weight would be unrecognizable without a scale.

Although you are probably well aware of your budget already, it is worth being reminded that a wedding ring can get very expensive and if you go all out, that single piece of jewelry can literally bankrupt you! So be aware of your budget and don’t let the shiny stones and hypnotic designs let you sway too much from it.