There is no season which is not a wedding season. Every now and then we keep on getting the wedding invitations from our dear and near ones. The first thought that comes in our mind is nothing but that of what to wear? And how to get dressed up? All these questions might seem like normal to most of the men but us women have to go tough a real struggle just to attend an event.

Some event organizers have eased the pain to some extent by issuing different dress codes to own the look Sale. So, let’s see what your wedding dress code as a guest is.

What’s the dress code?

When you get a wedding dress code, half of your problem gets solved. This at least gets you an edge about deciding what type of dress you should be wearing.

The most common dress codes for weddings these days are as follows;

•  Casual

•  Cocktail

•  Formal


Not all the people want others to dress fancy on their wedding day. Also, the trend of casual weddings has started as well. So, if you also get the invitation stating casual dress code theme, rush towards own the look Instagram account and look for what you must wear. There is a whole lot of dresses that you can choose from for your friend’s big day.


Colourful and classy miniskirts are love and if it’s a wedding function, you can go with mid-length skirts as well. Floral and colourful prints have the new style thing in them. Try them and steal the show.

Solid Black Floral Theme Dress Set


I personally like a cocktail or formal dress codes because they give you a complete wedding look no matter whether you are a guest or a host. You can find a wide range of cocktail and party dresses at own the looks. This is not all that they have got. You name it, they have it.

Maxi dress

I believe maxi dresses have the audacity to take you from bottom to top n an instant. But firstly, you need to choose the right material and colours for your dress. Silk dresses are nice and if you pair them up with the net body, it can look appealing too.

Maroon Lace Top with Black Maxi Skirt Dress


When it is about looking formal and the pretties both at the same time, you must invest some good time in deciding what to wear. The colour, the texture and everything that should be in your dress should be up to the mark from every aspect.

Midi dresses

You can count on midi dresses for formal events. They will make you look sophisticated yet beautiful as ever.

Black Sheer Sleeves White Embroidered Midi Dress

Own the look

Life is too short to look ordinary. Look the best version of yourself and try on the best dresses of own the looks. They have the best range for your girls. You can buy from bags to shades, from trousers to jackets and from tops to jumpsuits. This is all made to be yours. All you would have to do is sit on your couch and browse for the best dresses for the coming event.